Company 's Introduction

「公司創立之本意是以服務穆斯林為出發、更以創造穆斯林友善之台灣環境為目標、期許志同者參與、協助、共同努力。推廣培訓台灣清真產品符合國際清真認證標準讓世界穆斯林可以享受到台灣安全清真食品,促進台灣友善環境 、休閒旅遊景點、 大型公共場合與世界穆斯林接軌。」
"The company was founded with the aim of serving Muslims and creating a Muslim-friendly environment in Taiwan, and we look forward to the participation, assistance and joint efforts of those who share our vision. To promote the training of Taiwanese halal products to meet international halal certification standards so that Muslims around the world can enjoy safe halal food in Taiwan, and to promote a Muslim-friendly environment in Taiwan, as well as leisure and tourist attractions and large public places to connect with Muslims worldwide."